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I have never experienced cold as in Sutherland!  It gets so cold that just when you think you are used to it, more cold streams into the fibres of your being. Have I mentioned that we love travelling?  Well, we … Continue reading

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“Regina Phalange”

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On a particular day as I was about to ascend the Eiffel Tower, in the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of the most beautiful vision.  There she was; a stunning French dame, wearing a white coat and … Continue reading

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Being our god-child, whenever we are around him, he is like our own.  He is, our nephew, Seth.  He is a busy little man and your eye has to be on him constantly and all the time :), and rightly … Continue reading

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My 37 Part 2

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As promised here’s the second post in the “My 37” series.  I really had fun in the selection of these images and each image took my back to that specific time.  If I close my eyes, I can actually picture … Continue reading

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My 37 Part 1

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Apparently according to Facebook, it was my birthday recently and for this purpose I have decided to choose 37 of my favourite images taken over a period of time.  I have not chosen it for its artistic accuracy, composition or post-processed finishing.  … Continue reading

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