The Team

I am Eugene Stalmeester, a photographer that loves God, and adores my wife 🙂  formula1 and photography – that’s my passion! Would love to join the two sometime soon.

At the moment I enjoy shooting almost everything my lens can
get a focus on.  I have just started taking photography more seriously and
there is still tons to learn.  I love photographing people, nature and
would like to broaden the sports side of things.  Formula 1 is my absolute
passion but some people just don’t get it.  Well, simply put, I watch F1 with the same vigour and excitement as others watch 15 or 11 men chase a ball round a field.

So this is me, in a very short synapse, looking forward to chatting soon!

I am Candice Stalmeester, the geek and administrative mind in the business, dealing with all behind-the-scenes and logistical functions.  I love the finer detail and thrive on filling our clients with the necessary (and sometimes unnecessary 🙂 information needed to set them at ease, whether it be a small portait shoot or a full-blown wedding.  Living to source, research, planning and co-ordinating anything and everything.  I love chatting to you guys, so call me for any information needed to make your shoot a success 🙂

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