Ethan Chronicles Part 3

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Still holding hands, I was keeping time with the heart monitors through my breathing.  We spoke about all sorts of unimportant things just to get our minds from what’s about to happen – the irrevocable change of our lives!  We took a last picture on our phones of “The Two” and then things started happening around us.  The nurses began prepping Candice for the C-section and wheeling her into theatre, with me at her side.   My face said I was cool but inside I was scared stiff!

Our doc appeared and asked me to get into theatre clothes and get ready to come in as soon as he calls for me.  Meanwhile Candice was in a “holding area” being given the lowdown of what was about to happen.  Meticulously she was explained about the spinal tap, then numb feeling, the incision that would be made and how many doctors would be involved.  This was great to Candice because a lot of detail is like oxygen to her.  The more, the better!

The decision for me to join inside theatre was, however, vetoed by the professor in charge because Ethan was too premature for my presence as well.  I sat outside and a nurse talked me through the proceedings:

All levels are normal

They are now making the incision

Yes, she’s awake

There’s a bit of commotion

My heart stopped!!

No, everyone is calm again

Here he comes! 

Congratulations, daddy!

What?! Was that it?!  In less than 20 minutes from entering the theatre, at 5:34pm, Ethan was born.  Praises to the Most High God!

The theatre door swing open and out comes the surgeon with our little Ethan in the crib, his face covered by a transparent oxygen mask.  Does he have any of my features?  He has definitely got his mom’s cute mouth and nose.  He is the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes upon.  I fell in love with him instantaneously!  He was very agitated with the mask and was trying with all his might to take it off.  In his world the crying he was putting up was monumentally loud but to us it was but mere soft whimpers.  That was quite cute to hear.

I followed them to a station where all his vitals were checked.  By now they have turned down the oxygen levels to almost normal.  I stared with amazement at what a little warrior he is, breathing vigorously.  All was well at this time, ten fingers and toes, but he will have to be on assisted oxygen for some time.

After about an hour Candice was wheeled into her ward and I was very surprised at how awake she was.  She said that the experience was somewhat unpleasant but when they briefly showed Ethan to her, everything melted and she was hooked on him.


her cries were so loud and so uncontrollable that her whole body began to shake.

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3 Responses to Ethan Chronicles Part 3

  1. ewillenburgh says:

    I am really so happy for you guys!!! I keep waiting to hear what’s happening…

  2. michele says:

    my friend you have both been on my mind so much lately but I had absolutely no idea the battle you have been enduring and just saw your posts today how is your wee soldier ? I know I’m a world away but I’m here for you guys heart and soul. How is Candice?

  3. Donelle says:

    Don’t stop. I would just love to hear everything about the little warrior. Labour pains is the worst pain and the most easily forgotten. Actually all the trauma of going through the birth process is forgotten the moment you see your baby.

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