Ethan Chronicles Part 2

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We cannot let up at any time.  We’ve got to be strong… strong for Ethan.

Meanwhile he is having a ball in his mommy’s tummy, kicking up a storm and none the wiser of all the action that was going on in the outside world.  Candice’s levels were once again sky high and now gestational diabetes also set in.  She was now getting an insulin shot regularly.

It is in this time that all your senses go numb.  You walk through the alleys of the hospital with lots of conflicting thoughts to deal with and the only thing keeping you sane is God’s promises: “I have come to give life and life in abundance”  Father, why would you have us wait for almost 6 years for a baby and then still have us go through this?

In this time there was a lot of uncertainty because GiGi could come any day, depending on Candice’s health.  They have already given her steroids for Ethan’s lungs to develop a bit quicker.   We literally lived hour by hour, just waiting…hoping that the next hour would buy more time for baby to stay longer and grow stronger.  We were caught between a rock and a hard place; we wanted Ethan to stay in as long as possible but if he does stay, then Candice’s health would be compromised.  These are the type of things God takes control of since we, in our human minds, can’t reason it out.

It happened on a Thursday.  I was planning to visit Candice during my lunchtime when her message came through, sounding extremely urgent.  It read: “here has been a lot of activity all morning and it sounds as if baby’s coming today still”.  My heart was beating in my throat.  I dropped everything and made my way to the hospital.

When I stepped into the ward my first thought was, thank God they are still alive!  Yes, you think all sorts of crazy things.  Our eyes welled up when we saw each other.  I held her hands in mine as I was studying the monitor strapped to her belly (which has been on her all morning).  Nurses were drawing blood from her and taking her blood pressures.  Ethan’s heart rate was too regular and needed to be more erratic.  A short while later our gynea came in and wasn’t happy with Ethan’s chart, shook his head and said, “His coming out this afternoon!”   We were flooded with feelings of relief and anticipation.  In exactly 2 hours we will be parents.  I looked at Candice, “ok, so this is new!”  she looks back, “I haven’t even been pregnant yet!”

We cannot let up…

One of my favourite scenes in the movie “300” is where King Leonidas asks an army of “wanna-be” soldiers who wants to join them as to what they do for a living.  Some said they were sculptors, others, a potter and another a blacksmith.  He turns to his Spartan army and asks, “Spartans!  What is your profession?”

Their reply, “WAR! WAR! WAR”

Meaning that their fulltime job was to fight.

Even in Ethan’s unborn state, we were taught to fight negativity.  Fight, even if we have no strength, fight with all our might because no success has come without a fight!


extract from what’s to come…

…her body convulsed as her cries could not be contained…

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3 Responses to Ethan Chronicles Part 2

  1. christelle says:

    Awesome storyline…i hav to remind myself it’s a true story…Can’t wait 4 part 3…

  2. Colleen Johannes says:

    My friend, only through the grace of God can you tell this awesome story.. Its grace that carries us through and its by grace that we live… and the promise God has given you and Candice you have the surity that Ethan was given to you and Candice and Our God never breaks His promise. Your testominy wow awesome and I read them over and over again cause this is faith the size of a mustard see.. proven here to me.. Enjoy your little one and cant wait for rest of your blogs..! My favourite scripture Matthew 19V26 “With God all things are possible”

  3. Nicky says:

    Wow! I feel like I’m literally sitting and watching this all unfold! Every so now and again I need to remind myself to breath as each detail captures my attention.

    Not to mention how inspiring this is and how AMAZING God is! Sjoe, can’t wait for the next…

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