The Ethan Chronicles

What a roller coaster ride!

It all started about two weeks ago. We had friends over on New Year’s day and when they left little Kirsty asked when Ethan was going to kick because she would like to feel him.  Candice then said that he was sleeping and that he would wake up a bit later and then do his thing.  It turned out that he didn’t wake up and didn’t move at all for about another day or 2.  We then started getting worried and called the gynae.  Doc said we should come in immediately for a check up.  On Thursday, which marked the 28 weeks of our pregnancy, Doc done a scan of Ethan and noticed that he was laying breech.  This is the reason why Candice didn’t feel him move around as aggressively.  Doc confirmed that he will not move into the correct position again.  When testing her blood pressure was when the cookie hit the fan in a huge way.  Candy’s blood pressure was so high that doc immediately booked her into hospital.

Don’t pass begin, go straight to hospital!

Suffice to say, panic set in and I felt lame all over.  Lord, what’s happening?  Here is two people that I love with all that is within me, so please look after them.  Keep them in the palm of your hand where they will be safe.   Doc called ahead to the ward for them to prepare to receive Candice.  Immediately they put her on a heart and blood pressure monitor.  Ethan’s heart rate was good but mom’s blood pressure was quite high and they gave her some medication to bring it down.  A call was made to keep her for 24 hour observation.  Lord, keep us calm…

I rushed back home to get her some overnight things as we obviously didn’t plan for this.  When I got back, her blood pressure subsided a bit but not to any sort of acceptable level yet.  We looked at each other and spoke with unuttered words.  We thought the same thing: “is everything gonna be ok?” Our eyes watered and our hearts cried heavenward.

The next day Scuddy was released and we went home and all was well.  Doc said that she should report back the next Monday for the results of the tests and for another check up.  We had a good weekend and was spoiled with lunch by our family.  We had time to not think about what has happened but in the back of our minds, we knew that Monday will bring a new pocket of potatoes.

It was with beating hearts that we got up and made our way to the gynea. Lord, we pray for favour on this situation.  Please keep mommy and GiGi safe.

Doc was fervently taking blood pressure.  Checking and re-checking.  We looked at each other with searching eyes.  What’s happening?  Our suspicions were confirmed.  Back to the hospital immediately!!  Our hearts sank to our feet.  Is GiGi ok?  Is Candy ok?  I was thinking of all the previous sins I committed and wondered if this was payback time.  Get behind me satan!  This is not going to be your day!  But even so, apprehension took hold of our entire being.  Soon we were back in hospital, with heart monitors on baby and Candice’s blood pressure being checked at regular intervals.  Normality at this time was the fact that Candy’s blood pressure was abnormally high but baby’s heart rate acceptable.  Doc calmed us and told us that this was normal as she had a condition called pre-eclampsia.  Candice was to stay in hospital until baby gets delivered.  Baby will becoming out any day now, meaning within the next 10 days.  He will be monitored and a call will be made as to when.  I am to keep my phone on at all times.  Abba Father, Somerset West and Panorama are light years away from each other.

Candice’s favourite scripture to read for Ethan is Psalm 91.  As she was going through the Psalm and it was as if God himself was quoting verse 4.

“He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

In Candice words, “He was comforting me, telling me He is faithful to His word.  He made us a promise saying that we will have a son and He gave us one.  His faithfulness is our shield and He protects us with it.  We can be assured that we will get through this.”

This was a scripture that many a time was our strength when we didn’t have strength and our hope when hope was waining.  That night as she read it to him, with her hand on her belly, it was as if things were shifting around in the heavenlies.

Meanwhile at home, I flopped on the couch and just stared at a blank tv screen.  I was in a daze.  How could this all be happening so fast?  At around midnight a message came through from Candice that her blood sugar levels have also now sky rocketed and she is having insulin injections to keep it to an acceptable level.  I was now wide awake, praying…

The next morning as I left for work, her message read that all levels are now back to normal again.  It was as if we were thrown a life line, just to catch our breath back, just to take some time to make sense of it all.

~To be continued~

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Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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8 Responses to The Ethan Chronicles

  1. Zipporah says:

    Awesome read. Can’t wait for the rest.
    Be blessed guys. We love you.

  2. Fatiema George says:

    Wow Eugene, what an awesome start to The Ethan Chronicals…can’t wait for the next insert…great stuff

  3. Janine Bell says:

    What a mighty God we serve, What a great testimony! Thanks for sharing Eugene! This is so so so deep! Can’t wait for the continuation 🙂

  4. Deirdtre (Nana) says:

    Hi Eugene and Candice! This is so great that you are doing this! Amazing how God has everything in the palm of His Hand and that He is mindful of everything happening to us! Lovies Nana

  5. Shannon Fouldien says:

    Wow! This is so awesome! We truly serve a awesome/amazing God. Can’t wait to read the rest!

  6. christelle says:

    What a precious testimony to start your life with, …lookin forward…GBU!!

  7. wendy stead says:

    So appreciate the story, brings tears to my eayes and fills my heart with gratitude to God! Can’t wait to meet him.

  8. Donelle says:

    Ek is in trane en ek is nou eers by Hoofstuk 1. God is good, All the time

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