Veronica and twins

The foot of Table Mountain has never been so near and never been so majestic as today.  Veronica and her girls were picnicking there, laughing and clowning around; she being mom to her daughters and them being sisters to each other.

Tara and Shannon were born two minutes apart and are similar, yet different.  Tara can be reserved and has a slight introverted side, whereas Shannon has more of an expressive personality.  You are not allowed to call her a drama queen, though.  They will be ten soon and Tara’s party will start 2 minutes before Shannon’s.  Only they know how that will work! 🙂

Mom watches in silence as the sisters munch on the lovely treats she packed.  I find myself letting go of my camera and engaging in this episode.  I am now completely engrossed in the lives of these amazing people, not just behind the lens but breathing and eating with them too.  The girls do cartwheels and try and scare me with zombie walks.  Bubbles, the doggie, is also there not wanting to miss any of the action.  Like hurricane Sandy, our privacy gets invaded by a myriad of other dogs being curious.  In an instant we have total chaos, with food almost being stolen…but just as quickly as they arrived, they leave.

The sun starts to take his soft light back by now and I’m left with a sense of gratification and struck by how I forgot how carefree kids can be.  The picnic gets packed up and the lens gets unclipped.  Are we done already?  One quick look at the big mountain and I smile.  This smile says that I’ve been blessed, not only by our heavenly Father’s nature but also his creation of mankind.

Thank you for opening your lives to me for a brief moment in time, ladies.

About eugene

Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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2 Responses to Veronica and twins

  1. Veronica McAuliffe says:

    Eugene you are a genius….you made me cry for the wonderful way how you express your thoughts on this peace of art… are amazing and the way how you engage with my girls was also very touched, it reminded me again of their lost of their father… they think you are so cool 🙂
    as i looked how you engaged with the twins i could see you will be an amazing dad to your kids….thank you for your time and these wonderful pictures you took of my family….God bless….

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