This is the second time that Renee features on the blog. The first time (see here) was when she was still on primary school.  Well, now she’s a bit older, in grade 8 but still has those big dreams.

This shoot happened in awesome light when we were holidaying as a family for the weekend at Stonehill Lodge in Swellendam.

The character trait that I like most about Renee is her innocence and youthfulness.  Such a lot of kids her age wants to be grown ups already and busy with all sorts of funny things. Renee, however, is content with her age and patiently going through the phases of her life as God intended.  This is exactly what I was trying to portray in these images; highlighting her youthfulness.

Rene, thanks so much for having me capture these beautiful images.

About eugene

Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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1 Response to Renee

  1. Sheila Stalmeester says:

    Gene, these are beautiful shots of Renee, well done. Renee, you are so pretty, stay so sweet. Aunty Sheila

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