Erin and family in studio

Yes, the Carolissen family was there and yes, the Paulse family was there but it was Erin who was boss on the day.  She called the shots and we all danced to her tune!  Oh, what a lovely, sweet bundle of joy she was.  Dad was playing a cool tune in the background and she grooved to the music.

I know Erin’s mom and dad, Nathan and Cleo, for a while now as we attend the same church.  Cleo has always been an extrovert, always chatty and bubbly.  The family she married into is almost exactly the same, so we had an awesomely crazy time in studio.  Nathan and Cleo have huge hearts for people and being involved in youth and worship ministry speaks volumes of the kind of people they are.  Erin, you are so blessed to have parents like these as well as grandparents who love and adore you as much as they do.

It was great having Erin and her possé in studio and I pray God’s blessing and favour upon all your future endeavours.

About eugene

Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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2 Responses to Erin and family in studio

  1. mario says:

    Realy beautiful. Congrats Cleo and Nate. Great job Eugene.

  2. sheila says:

    Gene, this is awesome, I love it, do not have words to describe.keep up the good work.

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