Fail at something you love

I’ve just opened a magazine, Exposed by Jasmine Star and the first caption that caught my eye was “Fail at something you love”.  I haven’t read it yet but I simply know that it’s going to inspire me.  The words makes you think, doesn’t it?  We are expected to succeed in the things we love, in the things that we think we are good at.  But what if the very thing we love doing is just so hard.   So hard getting that perfect image, so hard getting that recipe just right, so hard fine-tuning the gift for that instrument that you love playing.

Success will never simply fall into our laps.  We will have to fight for it, bleed for it and sweat for it.  So fail all you like but never give up.  If your dream is that big then it’s surely worth trying again.


About eugene

Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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