Jonay’s 21st birthday

Ah, the Bynefeldts.  I met this family through our church and they have been part of our home group.  It is always a pleasure being in their company, Franklin and Marynette always has such calm personalities.  But then again, the whole family follows this nature flowing from the parents and they consist of 3 daughters (Jonay, Amber, Tamia) and  one son, Brad.  I have previously captured this beautiful family in studio as well.  See here for that post.

So, naturally I was delighted when Franklin asked me to do the images for Jonay’s 21st.  When you meet Jonay, she is somewhat of an introvert and soft-spoken but can have a few surprises up her sleeve.  Like for example the theme at her party.  She decided to go with a Moulin Rouge theme and while she wore a very formal dress, her “go-go” girls made heads turn 🙂

All in all the night turned out to be a thorough success, with friends and family having a great time.

This was also the first time that EHP done a collaboration with Bande Pix.  Franklin chose them to do the videography and what fun we had!


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