Tips on assisting a wedding photographer

This is not that normal kind of post filled with images, however, if you are looking for some because you’re wanting to get married, having a family shoot or arranging a function, then please feel free to have a look further in this blog.  But if you’re an aspiring photographer, this post just might interest you.

A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to assist a photographer (Charl Smith of Agape Studio’s) who has been in the business for a while now.  I always wanted to know how these guys operated and when I got the opportunity, I grabbed it with both hands.  I realised that after doing a few weddings of my own that I have never assisted anyone yet.  This type of experience can only but be of benefit to EHP.

So what does an assistant do on a wedding day? Glad you asked because I had no idea, so I read up and tried to apply it on the day. Herewith some of the theory that I tried to apply:

Get to your photographer early, not on time but early

This will just make him/her at ease that you are there and one less thing to worry       about.

Ask questions

Since I knew nothing about assisting, I asked what he expected from me and to lay down the rules.

Don’t be offended if you tog is very straightforward and shoots straight. (he he he)  It can only be of benefit.  Remember; you are representing his brand and his style.  Listen carefully and execute.

Know the order of the day

As far as possible, make it your duty to know where you’re going and what time you need to get there.

Have easy access to maps, GPS and google will surely be your friend! 🙂

Even if the times get muddled up, stay on top of the programme at all times.

Keep your eye on your photographer at all times

To me, it was a real benefit watching my tog as I later started anticipating what he needed – from an umbrella stand to a glass of water to drink.

A wedding day can be quite stressful, so your tog should be made as comfortable as possible.  You want him to be handing you stuff without looking at you and you should be there in a flash (excuse the pun).

Try NOT to chat up the bridesmaid/bridegroom.  It’s just a tad unprofessional and very distracting.  You don’t want an annoyed tog keeping you in line all the time.

You are not there to shoot

It’s about carrying equipment

It’s about handing out HIS business cards, if asked

It’s about serving

Leave your camera at home – it WILL distract you!

I hope these few tips will be of benefit to you as an aspiring photographer.  It is not the alpha and omega of how things should be but every little assistance helps.


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  1. Humphrey says:

    Nice one bro! Sounds like you had lots of fun

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