Exposure: My Dad smiles at me

My Dad has always been a man of quiet, inner strength and not easily phased by difficult situations.  Some time ago while having one of our many chats, I discovered that there was a time in my childhood where we were not doing so well financially.  I never picked this up in his actions as my Dad’s philosophy is and was always “give it to God”.

Being a preacher and ex-teacher, his dream was always for his sons to follow in his footsteps but that hasn’t happened as yet but we’ll see what lies ahead; for our plans are not God’s plans.

I thoroughly enjoy doing things with him because it’s so rare that we get the opportunity to partner together.  And what a surprise it was when he partnered with us on Natesha and Enrico’s wedding, this past Saturday. (click here for their engagement shoot)  The Rev. Richard Stalmeester (that’s my dad) officiated the ceremony!  Not only did we know the minister but the feeling of camaraderie was ever-present.  I remember when I was small and when I got into an unsure situation, I would look at him and he would smile back at me, reassuring me that the coast is clear and everything’s going to be fine.

Today, I don’t necessarily wait for his smile of approval because of the foundations of confidence that he has laid in my life.  But before I took the first shot, I did, like a child, look into his direction and wait for that smile.

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4 Responses to Exposure: My Dad smiles at me

  1. Andre Abrahams says:

    Well done Eugene, honouring your dad like this. when God says we must gives thanks,this is what He literally means, to brag and boast publically about Him. So thanks for giving thanks to your dad for being the kind of dad that he is. Well done, you are the kind of son any dad would want. Well done

  2. Uriel Losper says:

    I fully agree with you Andre. Truly well done Eugene. When I read this blog, it took me back to the years when we use to visit at your parents’ place and it just put a smile on my face. Even today when you see him, you still see that smile. He was and will always be like a father to me. We need to appreciate our parents while they are still here with us and honour them as God intended for us to do. Keep it up.

  3. sheila richard stalmeester says:

    Hi Eugene, thank you for reminding us all that setting an example is still a virtue, you and Garth do make us proud, Love you Daddy

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