Van Staden Family: Diemersdal

It was such an awesome priviledge to work with Chantal and her family.  Chantal was the one who rounded up everyone as it was her heart’s desire to get all together to do something as a family.  It was simply amazing to see three generations in union at the same time.

We know the family very well and I grew up with Chantal and Dominic, went to school together, etc.  Chantal now lives in Muizenburg and the majority of the family is in Atlantis, so staying in touch becomes gymnastics, I know 🙂

Here we have a wonderful family on a lovely afternoon on location at Diemersdal, just outside Durbanville.  The weather was great and the diversity of the estate gave us much freedom of expression.  What excited me was being re-acquainted with old friends again and the best part about photography is that the memory not only lingers in your mind but gets captured in a medium that can be taken out and displayed at any time.

So here’s to the Van Staden’s, may your gatherings be frequent and filled with love.


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Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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1 Response to Van Staden Family: Diemersdal

  1. Donelle says:

    Love it Love it Love it. Job well done Eugene. Once again 🙂

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