Sizwe and Sumaya – Kirstenbosch Gardens

This wedding blew our minds on so many levels.

Firstly, Sizwe approached us 1 week before the time to ask us to do their images.  In my first meeting with him, I acted calmly when he told me this but later that evening I had a slight heart attack 🙂  We normally meet with the couple way in advance but I was certainly up for the challenge, my friend.

Secondly, Sizwe comes from a culturally mixed background and his bride is Muslim!  It was simply amazing to see how all the cultures came together.  I must admit that we were a bit apprehensive to shoot in the mosque as we had no clue what the protocol was.  When we got there though, the Imam and other leaders put us at ease and assured us that it would be very relaxed and we had carte blanche.

At this point I haven’t met or seen Sumaya yet and when she entered I realised why Sizwe’s heart could skip a beat at the mention of her name.  She looked absolutely beautiful!

The couple met on UCT and were both in the running for SRC president.  I guess it was a case of rivalry turning into blissful romance.

This is certainly a wedding that we would remember for a while.

Second shooter: Marguerite du PLooy

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Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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9 Responses to Sizwe and Sumaya – Kirstenbosch Gardens

  1. iamredart says:

    Wow! Great images! I especially like one of the bride and her tear running down her face! Absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. garthr8 says:

    Hey Boeta,

    Your write up paints a picture that gave me goose bumps. You getting waaaayyyy to good at this…
    Well done!!! I’m so proud of you!


  3. Yolanda says:

    I agree, what a stunning couple, and so well captured. Good job Gene…

  4. sheila says:

    Me and Amy, are viewing these amazing pictures, it’s just fantastic, we love the teardrop on her face. I feel like getting married again. Keep up the good work. Mom

  5. Latiefa says:

    I agree the teardrop is absolutely amazing, you captured it beautifully what a good eye. that said, all the pics are amazing

  6. eugene says:

    thanks for all the wonderful comments, guys.
    and Mom, if you want to get married to Dad again, EHP will gladly sort you out 🙂

  7. Donelle says:

    Wow. Beautiful Eugene. I love all of them. You truly have an eye for capturing beauty. They look so young but I pray God’s richest blessing over them. Besides the fact that you are indeed genius I think they all want you to shoot their weddings knowing that you will keep them in your prayers and not just your camera or negatives or harddrive. It is very important having the right people sharing your day. I have to show my hubby this. He is having his first shoot at the end of this month. And besides I always show him your gems.

  8. Sunette says:

    Wow… these pics are breath taking! it’s fantastic. that pic with the tear drop is an amazing moment captured forever. WELL DONE CUZ!!!

  9. Monique Visagie says:

    Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, that’s all im going to say. You will never ever disappoint. WOW, absolutely breath taking!!!!!!!

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