Monique and Warren – 17 December 2011

It was only a pleasure taking this journey with Monique and Warren as they planned and worked through the preparations for their big day.  Candice was making sure that the bride had thought of everything and it was a joy to assist with little extra things.

Then came the big day.  Warren was quite the jittery one and rightly so 🙂 Monique, on the other hand, was as cool as a cucumber.  But when she got to the church, emotions just began to flow.  I, too, found a spec of dust in my eye (wink, wink) as her dad handed her over to her groom.  Even as I was going through the images afterward, I relived the emotions of that moment.

The couple got married at the Moravian Church in Atlantis and the bridal shoot was done at a farm, Botterberg.  The reception was at the Italian Club in Milnerton.

Here’s to Warren and Monique; all the best for the future and may only blessings follow you.


Service Providers:

Cake by Laura at Enticing Icing

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6 Responses to Monique and Warren – 17 December 2011

  1. DEIRDRE says:


  2. ewillenburgh says:

    Dude, where were you on the 29th of March 2008!!!!!! Hahaha…great job bro, truely blessed!

  3. Brent Gelderblom says:

    Wow!! Great work. The pictures looks like it should be in the Top Billing Magazine.
    Congrats cuz!!

  4. Laura says:

    Thank you for taking such a beautiful picture of the cake I made, the rest of the pics capture the day wonderfully

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