Interview: Destiny Riders

We recently had the awesome opportunity of doing a shoot with biker group, Destiny Riders.  They had their annual charity event early in November and the benefactors were a few old age homes in Atlantis.  Kenny and Alicia Lombard, together with the rest of the Destiny Riders motorcycle club were the organisers of this event and today our interview is with Alicia who will be sharing more about the group and their endeavours.

Eugene (ES):      Tell us a bit about the group, when did it start, how many members do you currently have?

Alicia Lombard (AL):       Destiny Riders Motorcycle Club was established in Saxon Sea, Atlantis in 2003 by a group of friends who were riding together for a number of years.  Currently, our club consists of twelve members.

(ES):      Do you do this type of thing often?

(AL):      By 2004 Destiny Riders held their first Annual Sleepover at Village     Arena which was a huge success by drawing over 300 bikers from as far as Worcester and Paarl. The club kept to its objectives and donated proceeds from the event to Dawn Training Centre based in Atlantis.

The community of Atlantis started to approach the club to make appearances at events such as riding for Matric Dances. Destiny Riders built a credible reputation and started being recognised by the community and the motorcycle fraternity.

In 2006 the club experienced challenges and members became focussed on their families and had to offer up their time to other commitments. The club also broke away from the Motorcyclists Association of the Western Cape because of the previous MAWC Executive Committee. Due to these factors no annual event was held.

At the beginning of 2007 Edwin and Mary Steeneberg (President and Chairlady) resigned from the club to follow a path they chose to serve the Lord. They have joined the Christian Motorcyclists Association, but remain close to the club.

The club then elected Kenneth Lombard, as its new President with Andre Bennett as Vice President.

Destiny Riders third sleepover in 2007 was the biggest event to date drawing a crowd of over 400 people, mainly from the community. The club managed to obtain 22 sponsors for the event, who all contributed to the success of the event. The club could donate R4000.00 to Saxon Sea Job Creation Feeding Scheme, which was used for their annual Christmas party for children.

On the 6th of June 2008 the club celebrated its 5th birthday by hosting a birthday party at Jose’s in Atlantis and donated R5000.00 to the Motorcyclists Association of the Western Cape (MAWC) Buddy Fund in memory of a member who passed on due to a motorcycle accident. The fund was started to support motorcyclists who have been involved in road accidents and need financial assistance. In 2009 Destiny Riders MCC was presented with a certificate of appreciation by the MAWC for the generous donation it received and applauded the club as it was the largest monetary donation it has received to date.

In 2009 the club hosted their sleep over at Tiger’s Eye and could donate food hampers for Christmas to under privileged families in Atlantis and Mamre.

In 2010 the club hosted numerous smaller events and could once again provide food hampers during the festive season to families.

This year, our annual charity event has been the most successful of all in monetary terms. We invited 100 old people from various old age homes in Atlantis and the community, that were entertained by our guest artist Robbie Klay and a few other rising stars from Melkbosstrand. The club performed a need analysis with old age homes in Atlantis and established that the most important requirements are blankets, adult nappies and non-perishables. Therefore, the proceeds of this function will be used to purchase these items. It is also our goal to raise enough funds to supply these homes with the above-mentioned goods for duration of at least three months.

(ES):      What is the main purpose of the biker group?

(AL): The aim of the club was to uplift the image of biking, being proactive in the community and to be identified by the motorcycle community as bikers representing Atlantis.

(ES):      I’ve heard about your breakfast runs.  Tell us more.

(AL): The club has become more outgoing as breakfast runs are organised every month, attending fun-days and rallies other motorcycle clubs organise. The breakfast runs are also organised to allow bonding between members and to spend quality time together as friends.

(ES):      Since I love speed and fast cars, how does Destiny Riders view safety on our roads?

(AL): We abide by traffic laws and always encourage our members not to drink and ride.  Burn rubber and not your soul!!

(ES):      If people want to get involved in any of your projects, how can they do so?

(AL): The club has wonderful and exciting plans for the future, therefore any person or institution who wishes to get involved in our community projects may contact either Kenny or myself on 082 969 9596 or 071 679 3442 respectively.



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3 Responses to Interview: Destiny Riders

  1. Alicia says:

    You made this day even more memorable, thanx Eugene.

  2. ewillenburgh says:

    Hahaha, biker mice from mars…hehe.. What the heck is Wuis jou Muis Rally, hahaha… Cool man, love it! Where’s the photo with you lying on the ground dude?

  3. caesar says:

    hey these guys are diong a great job…fan from uitenhage…pashaash

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