A glimpse of South Africa

For those of you who have never been to South Africa or finding yourselves deciding to come to our beautiful country, here’s a quick visual appetizer in helping you make your decision. The mountain (Table Mountain) for one is an excellent way to start. Once on top you have an absolutely splendid view of the whole Cape Peninsula, which includes that wonderful landmark, the Cape Town Stadium. This is where the World Cup soccer Cape Town games were played.

Cape Town, in my very biased opinion, remains the most beautiful city in South Africa, with amazing beaches and golden sunsets. This cosmopolitan city with about 5 million people is an absolute must visit for your summer vacation. Friendly people and good food is the order of the day and resident go out of their way to make visitors feel at home.

The game at any game reserve is something to behold and we pride ourselves for often having the “Big five” at most game reserves. No, people, the animals that belong in the wild do not walk freely in the city đŸ™‚

If city life is not your forte, then you might fancy a drive through the country in the Boland district and winelands. Here you will find acres and acres of rolling vineyards with the characteristic smell of grapes ready for the harvest. The greenery and lushness is bound to take your breath away.

I have added one or two informal settlement pictures, which is part of our South African culture. Guided tours exist to give you a rich and colourful experience.



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3 Responses to A glimpse of South Africa

  1. Yolanda says:

    Eish my friend – I somme miss home a lot now xxx:(

  2. ewillenburgh says:

    Wow!!! We really live in such a stunning city! Great work bru, luv it!!!

  3. Chandre says:

    Wow think this is my favourite blog so far!! LOOOOVE the landscape PICS Eugene!

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