My 37 Part 2

As promised here’s the second post in the “My 37” series.  I really had fun in the selection of these images and each image took my back to that specific time.  If I close my eyes, I can actually picture myself at that very place…


Also the blog’s theme image.  As a kid, I always thought that the sun would
dry up the ocean or that the sun was busy drowning.  I look at this image and wonder how does our Creator do this – have the sun come up I the morning and set in the evening.  This picture tells me in the same way that He orchestrates the planet, that very same way He protects and loves each one us.


My first time at experimenting with photographing food.  For the main meal, they brought us a miniature “potjie” but by that time I was too hungry to take pictures.  This was at a quaint restaurant in Franschoek.


Being South Africa’s national flower, it has such brilliant colours and simply imitates the sun.  After spending the day at the Hugenote Monument, I shot this image on our way out.  Only once I looked at it on my computer screen did I realise how much I liked it.


For a long time I admired this mining magnate and shrewd businessman and here I was to pay my respects.


Situated at the southern entrance into the Strait of Dover, the White Cliffs separates England from France.  What was so startling is that two hours later,
the people are driving on the other side of the road and speak a different
language.  Many stories have been written of the battles fought here.  Most
historians believe that this was the location where Julius Caesar uttered those
famous words, “I came, I saw, I conquered!”.


Adding to the magic of Paris is most definitely Tour Eiffel!  It’s such a strong symbol of engineering and from the top you get a magnificent panoramic view of most of the city.  When we were there, they just screened the movie “Rush Hour”.  We were in awe and could still feel the actors swinging from the tower.


The Basilique du Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart) is situated at the summit of Montmartre in France.  One of the statues guarding the basilique (church
building having a nave) is that of Joan of Arc.


Here in Switzerland everything is clean and on time but what struck me was formation of the buildings.  A lot of time and effort went into this.  I guess in those days, time was not a factor.


The ugly duckling’s mother.  She thought she could swim away and make
another duckling 🙂

eugene-henry-cape-town-photographerI took this photo from a bridge that crosses the Seine river, looking at an old


The Koln cathedral has a very rich history and has survived World War II.
As our coach entered Cologne, I had goose bumps when I saw this structure.  Sadly our time was limited when we got there and we could not go to the very top.  A good reason to go back, I would say.


How could we go anywhere without not going to a “mall”?  Well, Harrods is
like a mall!  This place is so big we could only view one wing of one floor of the place.  There was still so much to see in Harrods.


The lush vegetation of Beacon Bay took my breath away.  When I saw this
place, it had a flavour of a sub-tropical paradise.


Believe it or not but this the place where I work, Hillcrest Estate in Durbanville.  Our offices are on an olive farm/vineyard and sometimes you come to work to enjoy the view.  Many a lunchtimes I find myself either taking in the views of Tableview in the distance or just enjoying the old quarry view from our boardroom patio.


These stones remind me of Jacob at Bethel where he erected a stone monument in honour of God.  From here he went on to face his brother, whose birthright he stole in exchange for a pot of lentel soup.


This is a rarity these days to find Candy and I just relaxing or standing still.  Life has become so filled with all sorts of new adventures that we are constantly inspired and looking for new ways and means to do things.  Another thought that comes to mind is that we are constantly working and assessing our foundations.  We know that if our feet are firmly steadfast on a solid foundation, we can hand over a strong legacy, with the help from Above.  This image was taken by my all time favourite photographer, Christine Meintjes.

eugene-henry-cape-town-photographer“suffer not the children to come unto me, for those are the kingdom of heaven.”
Children are our only legacy and we should do everything in our power to nurture and protect them.  These feet are still so innocent and naive but it’s up to us as parents to help direct the paths of our brood.

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  1. Yolanda Barron says:

    Beautiful my friend…

  2. Grizelda Adams says:

    Breath taking. I enjoyed Part 2, too. 🙂

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