My 37 Part 1

Apparently according to Facebook, it was my birthday recently and for this purpose I have decided to choose 37 of my favourite images taken over a period of time.  I have not chosen it for its artistic accuracy, composition or post-processed finishing.  Various reasons came to mind as to why these images made the list; so here they are and I hope you’ll enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed capturing them.

So here goes:


This picture was taken in Cape Town with my first point and shoot camera.  I got down low on my back and when I looked up, I saw this leaf with the sun’s rays flirting with it.  This image is a constant reminder that photography is heavily reliant on light and that our Creator is the source of light.

I simply love close ups (or macros) as it emphasises the detail in the subject. When I looked at this photo the first time, I mistook it for a tree.  It just shows how one’s perspective of something can be inaccurate based on how you look at something.

At the moment I’m shooting with a Nikon camera.  I’m saying at the moment as I’m not sure whether I’ll be staying with the brand or not but for now, I’m enjoying my camera!

There comes a time that you should just take time out and use different transporting modes. I like this image because of the beauty and peacefulness I enjoyed that surrounded me.

In 2007 Candy and I had the awesome privilege to whisk through Europe and I snapped this image of Le Champ de Mars from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Paris is such a magical city, I almost proposed to my wife for a second time.

A lot of history is locked behind this picture but I love it because of the amazing sculpture.  Shaped out of a rock, much emotion is captured in this image.

Another macro.  I took this image on the day I bought my second camera.  It was taken in the back of our yard and it was here where I discovered getting down low to capture a different view and look at the world from a new angle.

Oh how we love travelling! Driving through SA we stopped at virtually every “border” post and reflected for a second.  It makes one think of going into new territory, a new set of rules, new challenges.  It’s almost how life is, when one chapter is complete, a new one starts with new roads to travel, fresh directions to find.

Don’t you just want to through all your troubles into a bottomless pit where no one can find it?  A pit where it can’t escape and ever haunt you again.


We found little Red-Riding Hood’s grandmother’s house!

One of my other favourite pastimes – things with wheels.  Candy took this pic as I was getting ready to take this baby for a spin.

Upon visiting Robben Island, you are filled with such respect for the men and women who laid down their lives for a nation that they love.  They shed blood and died for the freedom from oppression of an entire nation.  Here we have Madiba and Tambo in deep conversation and we can only imagine what is being said.

This tree can be found on the Caledon Hotel property.  I simply love the reflection that makes it seem even taller than what it really is.  It was an early summer’s morning when all you have is your camera and your thoughts.  The light wasn’t too harsh yet and the breeze was gentle.

This is one of the first pictures I took with my latest camera.  I couldn’t believe that someone would take the time to arrange these wood pieces so neatly.  It was taken in a scrap yard of all places!

In summer, just before the farmers cut the wheat, the Swartland (Western Cape) looks beautiful.  I was laying flat on my back, with the grain stems hovering over me, daydreaming of…

Whether this was male or female drivers, I don’t know.  What I do know is that the passerby ants had to regroup and take another route.  On the other hand these two look so comfy and loving, like Siamese Toyotas!


Have I mentioned that I like close ups?  Being the one whose always behind the camera, I more often than not don’t get a pic of myself.  Here I get the benefit of both worlds.  My model is, of course, Candy.  I was doing a shoot of her and needed a somewhat different angle.  Here I am capturing my favourite things: Candy, my camera, the outdoors and formula 1 (Ferrari badge on my jacket)

I truly think we live in a very beautiful city, with amazing scenery and structures to show off to the world.  One of our jewels is the Cape Town stadium, which hosted the Cape Town games of the soccer World Cup in 2010.  When this blog was published, I still haven’t been inside the stadium yet – very sad.  I hope to bring you some more images from within this beautiful stadium pretty soon.

This is a rare species of flora (Arto Nironen) only found on the cliffs of the Gaizinkalns mountains, near Helsinki.  It is believed to have major healing properties and takes care of headaches, pain and fever in an instant.  Apparently it’s also good for bad breath.  The way to use it is to make a pulp and consume it in a cup of boiling water…actually…no, it was not found in Helsinki and I don’t think it has any healing properties but it was found close to Signal Hill. 🙂

The colour in this flower is what caught my attention.  The location is Merendal Estate.

So that’s part 1 for now.  I hope you enjoyed it and will come and check out part 2.  Please feel free to leave some comments.

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Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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9 Responses to My 37 Part 1

  1. Alecia says:

    Wow what a bright idea and truly some stuning work! Love the sunglases and the lion..after veiwing this im surely roaring with joy!

  2. leon and sakiena says:

    Wow! We like, we love! Specially the pic taken in Europe!

  3. Megan Hughes says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post and enjoyed the series of photos. They are wonderful captures! Thanks for sharing!

  4. eugene says:

    thanks for the comments, guys.

  5. Yolanda Barron says:

    Hey mate, what u mean “apparently” it was ur bday lol?
    love the pics…cant wait 2 c part 2…

  6. Christelle Brown says:

    amazing pic’s..

  7. Elton says:

    Hey dude, apparently…hehe… Love the idea, brilliant… ps, love the siamese toyota’s…

  8. Donelle says:

    Loved it. part 1 and 2.

  9. Grizelda Adams says:

    Hi Eugene,

    As always, I love your work. Your photographs has this thing about coming to life I find myself within your pictures, what I mean is that it feels I am there. I love the fact that you discribe your location and when you say you layed on your back to take the pic, I look at the pic and picture myself doing the same to appreciate the picture more more. Each pic made me smile and when I looked up from my laptop screen I realize that I am actually in my bedroom. Your pictures draws me into them and I absolutely love it. My ultimate favourite, definately the wounded lion, I would love to know what the history is behind it. You are right, definately lots of emotion tied to that picture, I felt it, very sad. Reminded me of Narnia, which inturn reminded me of Aslan, which reminded me of GOD. When I look at your pictures, 5 words comes to mind…..”How great is our God!”

    Thanks for these amazing pictures.
    God Bless.
    Lotsa Hugs, G&K

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