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For the first time at a church event our duties were not orchestrated and we didn’t feel compelled to do something.  It was kind of liberating!  What really excited me was how Candice simply embraced the conference by throwing all of her weight behind the media team.  This is a bunch of on-fire-for-God-let’s-go-crazy-now people.  They are always excited about something and have one common goal in mind.  I enjoyed watching and listening every evening to a very excited wife and heard firsthand how the conference was coming together.  I thus resolved myself in just being conference goer this year but that was not to be.

The media team (or shall I say – my wife) roped me in to assist with some photo shooting one Sunday after church.  There was about 40-50 people all working on mapping out a number “one”, using their bodies and material pieces.  After doing a few takes in the minor auditorium, we moved outside where the camera guys had to get onto a scaffold!  My legs felt like jelly and I wasn’t even more than 5 meters in the air.  The good thing about this angle was seeing how unity really works.  It was as if the crowd below was moving like one person.  One scene that was particularly enjoyable was a take that happened on the ground where everyone had to charge toward the camera – quite scary!

The Saturday before the event, the team decided to do a take for one of the clips that would play during the conference.  The clip would signify people hurrying to an event.  The creative juices were in overflow and ideas just bubbled from everyone.

When the conference finally started, I was down with a stomach bug and missed the opening night.  With prayer and medication I made it to the Friday night.  What struck me hard was the worship.  You saw the different worship teams on stage but you heard one voice unto God.  It was as if God’s spirit was connecting with mine and spoke to the core.  I was especially shaken when the speaker made this statement: “Stop over-emphasising the unimportant stuff, look at the bigger picture!”  Don’t we do that at times?  We get so wrapped up in things, in beliefs, in striving to do the right thing – that we forget about our standing with Christ.  We forget about the people around us, we forget about the pain and the lack all over!  After night 1, I was left a little bit breathless but with a lot to think about.

Saturday was a busy day on a personal level and we couldn’t make it for the workshops, so the evening had to suffice.  Physically, I still was not feeling 100%.  When we got to church, Candy was off with the team doing interviews with people.  I just smiled as I saw how my wife was in her element!  So what am I going to do, I thought.  As it was still early, there were not much people to talk to.  For a while I wondered around aimlessly and eventually ended up in the main auditorium, watching the band go through final rehearsal.  When they were done, I moved to the doors to leave the auditorium where I bumped into Mario, who asked me whether I knew how to use a camera and wanted me to stand in for one of his guys.  I hesitated and before I could say yes or no, Mario had me hooked up to Camera 2.  The next moment the dancers appeared on stage, music so loud your heart wanted to fall out of your chest, lights everywhere, panning and zooming, instructions been shouted in your ears, AWESOMENESS!! In my confusion and excitement, one thought came to mind; this is church!


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Love God, Love photography and adore my wife :) oh and fast cars!!
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  1. Grizelda Adams says:

    What an awesome write up.The conference was truely the beginning of many things to come. The media team was awesome, Candice thanks for interviewing me twice I had fun. Throughout the conference I could see God sitting on his throne and smiling onto our church as He just embraced the worship of His people. It was a marvelous time in the precence of the most High God. Great job Candice and the media team! Love u guys!

  2. Gareth Stead says:

    Great stuff Eugene. You not just an excellent photographer, but an excellent writer too. Mmmm.. a talent there that God wants to use more. Keep shining! Regards. Gareth

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